Standing with Asian Americans

Haitou Foundation supported Asian Pacific Funds in 2021 to fight for the rights of Asian Americans, providing support and proper legal representation for Asian employees and those impacted by hate crimes.


Fight COVID-19

Haitou Foundation assisted institutions in Beijing, Wuhan and New York to fight against the COVID-19 epidemic through monetary, food and medical supply donations, including the Tsinghua University Alumni Association, Wuhan University Hospital, New York Presbyterian Queens Hospital, White Plains Medical Center and NYPD.


Women and Children Support

Haitou Foundation supported the "Relay of Love" project to offer health care, education and professional development support to African women and children.


Global Run

Haitou Foundation launched the Global Run program to promote healthy, low-carbon lifestyle. The campaign has expanded to 30 cities globally.


Farm Loans

Haitou Foundation launched the Farm Loan project in Indonesia by providing farmers with low-interest loans to purchase agricultural supplies and procuring their produce including honey and coffee beans.


International Scholarship

Haitou Foundation launched the “American Study Dream” program, providing scholarships to support underprivileged poor, merit students to study in the U.S.


Shepherd’s Field Orphanage

Haitou Foundation has been visiting Shepherd’s Field Orphanage operated by Philip Heyden Foundation every year to provide medical and surgical financing support and to spend time with abandoned kids.