Investment Highlights

Four Lines of Tailwind

Economic Growth

As the seventh largest economy in the world, ASEAN's economy is growing rapidly, with a GDP growth rate of 5-6%.

Demographic Growth

With 650 million people, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) has the 3rd largest population in the world and a GDP of $2.8 trillion.

Favorable Policy

Invests in Southeast Asia beneficial from the Belt and Road policy.

Technology Advancement

Underdeveloped financial markets and limited penetration by traditional banks, combined with high and growing internet coverage, create opportunities for consumer finance.

Capital Preservation

Small Principal Amount

The single line of credit has a small amount ($50~$300), and the capital is intelligently highly dispersed. It mitigates macroeconomic risks while improving the stability of returns.

Full Transparency

The underlying assets are the small installment loans of individuals who have stable income in Southeast Asia. The loans are used for 3C products, medical care, and education, etc.

81% of consumer installment loans are used to purchase smartphones
with the remaining to buy other electronic products.

Example for Smartphone Installation Loan

Rigorous Due Diligence

Online information collection and offline verification by phone

Complete KYC process including on-site investigation

Profile and investigate borrower by analyzing the social networks via big data modeling

Based on their consumption behavior and income source, intelligently analyze the repayment capability

Advanced risk control technology
multi-dimensional investigation and multi-level review

Post-disbursement Monitoring

Haitou has real-time access to the Local Lending Platform’s loan administration process through API, including loan performance data such as disbursement, interest payments and principal repayment

Data Example